Fearlessly grow your audience.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of witnessing your original content grow an audience. Which is why seeing it all spiral downward can be so devastating. One misunderstood phrase can reverse the momentum you’ve worked so hard to build. We’ve all seen it happen, and happen fast.

But here’s the good news: Pluribus offsets the risk involved with cancellation. How? By providing a platform for your supporters to pledge financial assistance. So if a cancellation manages to cut the ground out from underneath you, you have a financial parachute to soften your landing. It’s the peace of mind you need to connect authentically with your audience, and to grow your brand.

Creator frequently asked questions

No- the best way to think about it is that GoFundMe (and most of what comes to mind when you think of the word “crowdfunding”) is what we refer to as responsive crowdfunding. That is to say, it is usually used to generate funds after the need arises. While Pluribus will eventually layer in this capability in time, the primary difference is we allow you to raise funds before you need it- what we call proactive crowdfunding.

This is new, so this mistake is understandable, but Pluribus doesn’t compete with these services, it compliments them.

The recurring payments model of the majority of the “Creator Economy” revenue streams (including the two mentioned above) is inherently restricted to the highest-interest, lowest-volume audience. Users can only subscribe to so many people; a certain portion of a creators audience that would otherwise pay for more content falls just shy of the interest or budget threshold necessary to join a given creators income stream. However, the option to make a commitment to a creator for an unspecified time in the future that may not even occur allows for much greater flexibility. By introducing this option, Pluribus increases the percentage of a creator’s audience that can be monetized without being extractive toward the audience.

We’ve had a long time to prepare and earn from the experiences of other companies. Rest assured, we will not be caught off guard by any negative developments in the future.

No. We do not provide any insurance coverage or related services; we merely provide a venue for users to engage in peer-to-peer transactions that can serve to offset costs they may encounter in the future.

Pluribus is of course a nod to the US Motto of E pluribus unum or "Out of Many, One. However, by itself it means "More". There are more people that want to hear people's opinions and see their talents flourish than those who wish to silence or damage them. By allowing that majority to protect each other from the costs a small minority uses to try and dictate what they say and do, they can begin to have more influence than they currently do, and begin to act in a manner that more appropriately reflects their numbers.

After a creator activates their pledges, donors have seven days to object if they feel the claim falls outside the mutually agreed upon parameters or is otherwise perceived to be illegitimate (such as deliberately triggering consequences just to receive a payout). If less than 50% of donors formally object to the claim within a week, the claim is approved and the funds are officially transferred.

The assumption of legitimacy as a baseline as opposed to putting every claim up to a vote is to ensure the security (both financial and psychological) of the recipients. For anyone to object, they must go out of their way to express it- which they will if they feel they’ve been taken advantage of. Otherwise, there are few reasons why either side would find themselves at odds with the other.

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